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Progressives Lenses

How do progressive lenses work?

Thanks to the progressive lenses, you can see at any distance with total perfection and clarity. These lenses offer people with presbyopia unrivaled visual comfort.

Advantages of progressive crystals

  • Perfect vision between near vision and far vision

  • Multiple correction zones in the same lens

  • Continuous vision without annoying edges

  • Compatible for sports and leisure activities

Progressive lenses present a perfect progression of the lens value for the near, intermediate and far range. Annoying changes between reading lenses and standard lenses will no longer be necessary. These lenses also have several advantages in terms of aesthetics: since the transition of the different visual areas of the lens is done invisibly, the progressive lenses allow the eyes to be seen perfectly and are not distinguished from the lenses normal monofocal.

Since even sports glasses can be equipped with progressive lenses, you will not have to give up perfect visual comfort when jogging or playing golf.

When and for whom are progressive lenses recommended?

  • Suitable for people with presbyopia
  • From 40-45 years approx.
  • No annoying lens changes
  • Visual comfort without concessions

During the natural aging process, the elasticity of the crystalline lens begins to deteriorate and stops adjusting optimally at different distances. You will perceive it as "shortening your arms" when reading, which means that you do not have arms long enough to hold a book at a comfortable reading distance. For those who do not want to constantly put on and remove the obligatory reading lenses or do not want to switch between different reading lenses, the best option is progressive lenses. Because when it comes to visual comfort, you should not make concessions. Test your vision now to detect if you have hyperopia with our self-test.

Period of adaptation for progressive lenses

  • Your eyes must conform to the "progressive vision"
  • Time: from several hours to a few days
  • The sooner you start, the faster the adaptation will be
  • Especially short in the case of custom progressive lenses.
The conversion into progressive lenses and progressive crystals is something that initially is difficult to get used to, since the eyes are always presented several images at the same time. However, once you have trained the vision, you can focus quite normally at the desired distance. By the way, in the case of progressive lenses and progressive lenses that have been customized, the adaptation period is shorter compared to other progressive lenses. As a result, you can use your 100% personal vision potential as quickly as possible to enjoy a perfect vision at any distance.