Not all opticians offer the same services or products. Not all opticians have the latest technology, the latest collection products or better quality, or the best professionals in the sector. At Óptica Ares Barcelona we always try to have it.

That's why we can offer you these services that you will not find in such a professional way in other Eixample optics.

1. Full optometric reviews.

2. Visual and aesthetic advice.

3. Contactology

4. Low vision

5.We graduated your swimming and sports glasses.

6. Workshop Service

1. Visual examination of your eyesight with the latest technological advances

Òptica Ares Barcelona stands out for its constant investment in the latest optometry technology. Visit us and compare our devices with those of any other optics, the latest technologies as well as a complete revision. Optica Ares Barcelona marks the difference of optics in the Eixample of Barcelona.

We perform non-mydriatic retinography for the detection of diabetic retinopathy (RD), which is the main cause of blindness in the industrialized countries.

Retinography optcal in eixampleretinography in optica eixample

2. Aesthetic advice service

In Òptica Ares Barcelona we not only advise you to find that differentiated and unique goggle, we also have a system that helps you choose the best frame suitable to your physiognomy and lifestyle as well as the one that best fits you aesthetically.

3. Experts in the adaptation of contact lenses

Óptica Ares Barcelona, ​​is an optician of more than 30 years at the service of our patients, we differentiate as the best optics of the Eixample of Barcelona, ​​we are specialists in high-end products and contact lens graduation. You will receive the best attention and you will have at your fingertips the highest quality and latest generation contact lenses on the market.

4. Low vision

We can all suffer from low vision, and in fact, with advancing age, sooner or later, to a greater or lesser extent, we will all suffer. We have been treating patients with low vision for years.

5. Graduate your swimming and sports glasses

Whether you practice swimming, scuba diving, paddle tennis, skiing or practicing any other sport for which you need glasses, at Òptica Ares Barcelona you have a wide range of sports glasses to graduate and graduated with warranty stamps.

6. Workshop Service

At Óptica Ares Barcelona we also repair that goggle which you have so much love for. We perform metal and metal welding, we change the platelets and any other type of repair so that you can enjoy your glasses again.